“I love the simple, and super-clear interface.

Dealing with data visualization I have come across similar tools before, and I must say that only with Cluvio I felt right at home."

Martynas Majeris, CTO, AmCharts

"We've been working with Cluvio for a few months now and we find it really useful.

I've already invited most of our teams to our Cluvio account."

Brian Burke, CTO, Friendsurance

Advanced Report Creator

Run SQL queries, get results and suggested queries and explore your data.

  • SQL Editor

    Our SQL editor supports syntax highlighting, code completion, query parametrization and much more.

  • SQL Snippets

    Turn a commonly used part of SQL into a single, reusable snippet which can be reused anywhere within Cluvio.

  • Database Alamanac

    Explore your database schema, see your tables and columns, get intelligent sample queries.

  • Suggested Results

    We analyze your query and the results and automatically suggest the best ways to visualize them as charts.

Analytics to the Power of R

Custom R script running on top of the SQL query result allows further statistical analysis.

Interactive Dashboards

Cluvio dashboards are interactive, so you can easily change aggregation, select a specific timerange or filter dashboards by any invidivual attribute of your data.

SQL Alerts

With SQL Alerts it is very easy to specify conditions that you would like to be informed about. The alerts run at your specified schedule and you'll automatically get an email if the alert condition applies.

Bank-grade security

Cluvio is built with strong security and encryption standards. We audit all user actions and monitor access.

Your database connections can be secured using an SSH tunnel and/or firewall rules.

EU Data Protection

Our infrastructure setup guarantees that for European customers the data won't leave the EU and your Cluvio account complies with the EU data protection regulations.

Share Dashboards via Link

Simply share dashboards via a private sharing link. Click one of the buttons below to try.

Share Dashboards with your Colleagues

Invite all your colleagues and share your dashboards within your company.

Your data on the wall

Cluvio dashboards look great when displayed on a TV on the wall. We support multiple different color schemes to easily differentiate between different kinds of dashboards.

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