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1. Connect to your database

We support most major SQL databases and the connections are secured by using encrypted agent connecion, SSH tunnel and/or firewall rules.

2. Create a report

Use our advanced report creator to create beautiful interactive reports powered by SQL queries, custom R scripts and intuitive chart visualisations.

Our query editor supports intelligent autocomplete, syntax highlighting, query parametrization, chart suggestions and much more.

3. Add reports to dashboards

In only a few steps you can create your first dashboard and add reports to it.

4. Share

As soon as the dashboard is ready, you can share it with selected people.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Join more than 1500 satisfied customers and make your company data-driven today!

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All plans start with a 14-day trial of the business plan, no credit card required.
You can switch to the Forever Free plan or any of the paid subscriptions at any time.

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