Embedded Analytics

Power analytics for your customers, either as standalone dashboards or integrated into your application

Level up your analytics

Why develop your own analytics solution if you can easily embed Cluvio dashboards and reports and save months of development.

Tickit Example app

Click the button below to explore our interactive showcase that highlights how Cluvio dashboards can be embedded in existing apps.


Cluvio offers lot of different ways of embedding analytics in your app. Choose to display a complete dashboard or single report, select from different color schemes and control which filters are applied via postMessages.

Highlight a single report

Easily switch between showing a single report or a complete dashboard. Make reports look like they are part of your app with configuration options for background color, borders and colors.

Select your color scheme

Cluvio offers lots of different color options to make sure that dashboards and reports integrate seamlessly.

Embed a complete dashboard

It is easy to allow the user to Download Image or PDF of the dashboard or individual reports.

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