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Cluvio is the #1 cloud analytics platform for startups and data-driven teams, trusted by over 900 companies like yours.

Use SQL and R to analyze your data and create beautiful, interactive dashboards for your entire company in few minutes.

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Over 900 amazing companies trust Cluvio!

Listen to your data

There is a wealth of information hiding in the data in your database just waiting to be discovered.

Put your data on the wall

See your most important KPIs on interactive, real-time dashboards anywhere, anytime.

Push notifications for your data

Receive alerts for conditions that you define—a sudden drop in number of orders, increased error rates, or achieved revenue goals.

Make everyone curious

Defining and exposing reality based on actual data makes everyone in your company more curious and engaged in your company’s success.

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“I spend a lot of time on data interpretation and planning of measures in Cluvio.

Our product and operational teams use the results every day to get real-time data about geographical distribution, product usage, or user behavior.”

Dorena Nagel, Operations Manager, Battere AG

Why choose Cluvio?

SQL-based analytics

Write SQL, get charts, share dashboards.
You won’t find an easier tool than Cluvio.

Great usability and design

Cluvio dashboards are a pleasure to look at and you will see how easy and clear it is to use.

Interactive dashboards

You can easily make dashboards in Cluvio interactive with time-based and custom filters.

Best SQL editor ever

Typing lots of SQL can actually be fun—you have to try it to believe how productive you can be.

R (programming language)

The combined expressiveness of SQL and R makes the Cluvio analysis pipeline extremely powerful.

Intelligent recommendations

Get automatic suggestions for SQL queries and intelligent chart recommendations.

Grows with you

We designed our pricing so that companies of any size can use it, even cash-strapped startups.

Unlimited viewers

With Cluvio pro and business plans you can invite an unlimited number of your employees for free.

SQL alerts

You can turn anything that can be expressed in SQL and R into a watchdog service within minutes.

Cluvio works with your database...

Create your first dashboard in 5 minutes


Connect a data source

We support all major SQL databases and data warehouses


Create your first report

Run SQL queries against your database and visualize the data


Invite your team

Share reports and dashboards and give everyone access to analytics


Make better decisions

Use data to steer your business in the right direction

Now, what are you waiting for?

Join more than 900 satisfied customers and make your company data-driven today!

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You can switch to the Forever Free plan or any of the paid subscriptions at any time.